Health benefits of sage:

* anti-microbial & anti-bacterial

* prevents & eliminates colds

* fights flu

* eases asthma & heals the lungs

* clears the sinuses

* soothes sore throats

* helps with stress

* heals gums

* invigorate the blood

* improves sleep & anxiety

* aids digestion

(note for breastfeeding women: reduces breast milk)

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I can’t wait until I am called to his ﷺ feet

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For whoever has not watched the short video recollecting this story

Um Sama’ah bint Abi Ruhm recounts for us:

"I saw Aminah bint Wahb in her illness which she died from. Muhammad ﷺ who was a growing boy -five years old- was at her head at the time of her death" They were returning from Al-Madinah. They had neared Makkah, but there was still some distance to go. They were at Abwa.

I saw him ﷺ near her head and she was sick. His mother (Aminah) gazed at his ﷺ face and said:

"May Allah bless you, my boy. O son of the one who was saved from the terrible arrow of death (referring to his father-Abdullah) with the aid and beneficience of Allah, the Sovereign, and ransomed by a hundred camels! If what I have seen in my dreams is true, then you are the one who will be sent to all mankind, by Allah, the possessor of Majesty and Glory. You will be sent to all lands; to the (Holy) Sanctuary and beyond. You will be sent to complete submission to God and the religion of your pious forefather, Ibrahim. You will be sent with ease and Islam. Allah shall ever protect you and keep you away from idols and worshipping them. Every living creature will die and everything new will wear out. Every worn-out thing will disappear. Yes, I am going to die as well, yet I will be remembered forever because I have given birth to an immaculate child and am leaving behind an auspicious person behind me." 

Um Sama’ah said: “Then she died.”

Remembrance of her remains through Muhammad, and here now is her enduring remembrance, that continues to renew (over and over) centuries after that moment, and after that death. After this, do evil-mongers dare speak ill of Aminah? Or have a bad opinion of Aminah? Who is Aminah the mother of? If Aminah (which means safe) is not safe, then no one on the Day of Judgment will be safe! Nor will anyone on the Day of Resurrection be safe.

― Habib Umar bin Hafiz
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[…] the adhān was loud, coming from all corners. Mubarak you are, Istanbul. I seeked Allah’s forgiveness in that blessed moment. One cannot fathom the difference between living in a country, or city for that matter, where the adhān is heard and where the adhān is not heard. It is a time for shaking ourselves out of the state of ghaflah, sitting upright, realizing what is coming forth from between our two jaws; a time for du’a, a time for remembrance & glorification, a time for sending blessings upon our Prophet ﷺ. And of course there is what we are not always aware of, on the inner level.
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Beloved. Madad.

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A benediction/durood upon the prophet ﷺ for the completion of needs by Habib Abdullah bin Husayn bin Tahir (May we benefit by him)

O Allah, shower upon Our Master Muhammad and his family, a prayer for a servant whose options have diminished and who only has the the Messenger ﷺ to vouch for him and verily you can remove this for me just as you can every other great calamity I face. So save me from what is overwhelming me by the secret of “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.”

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A hug in a cup.

A hug in a cup.

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Allah’ın kulları arasında kavranabilemeyecek kadar büyük zatların olduğuna dair agresif bir çelişki içinde olanlar ancak kendilerinde bulunan noksanlardan dolayı bu durumdalar. Kendi kibirleri ve bu fani dünyayı önemli sanma arasında kafalarını vurup dururlar.

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Black pearls.